This is the new BMW M4 Competition 2024/2025

Das ist der neue BMW M4 Competition 2024/2025

Yes, it's already that far. The time when BMW launches a mid-life refresh of its most popular BMW M car, the BMW M3 and M4.

The brand new BMW M4 Competition 2024/2025! As an icon of the high-performance automobile world, BMW has once again set standards with the new M4 Competition. In this article we take an in-depth look at the performance, design and latest technologies that make this car a true masterpiece of engineering.

Performance and engine

The 2024/2025 BMW M4 Competition is equipped with an impressive powertrain that takes performance and efficiency to new levels. Under the hood you will find a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine that delivers a breathtaking output of over 500 horsepower. This engine enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, making the M4 Competition a true road racing car. In addition, the car has precise suspension tuning and improved aerodynamics, which ensure unparalleled driving dynamics.

Design and aesthetics

The design of the new BMW M4 Competition is a real eye-catcher on the road. With its striking radiator grille, wide fenders and dynamic lines, the M4 Competition embodies the DNA of the BMW M series in its purest form. The aerodynamic design has been carefully developed to not only optimize performance but also create an aggressive and sporty look that turns heads. Inside, the M4 Competition offers a luxurious and ergonomic design that will delight driver and passengers alike. High-quality materials, innovative technologies and a driver-oriented cockpit create a perfect balance between comfort and sportiness.

Latest technologies

The BMW M4 Competition 2024/2025 is packed with the latest technologies that take the driving experience to a whole new level. Highlights include a high-resolution infotainment system with touchscreen operation, voice control for intuitive navigation and connectivity, and a variety of driver assistance systems that ensure safety and comfort. In addition, the M4 Competition offers a selection of individual driving modes that allow the driver to adapt the car's handling to their personal preferences.


The new BMW M4 Competition 2024/2025 is undoubtedly a masterpiece of engineering and a real highlight in the world of high-performance cars. With its impressive performance, breathtaking design and the latest technologies, the M4 Competition sets new standards in its class. For anyone looking for the ultimate driving experience, the BMW M4 Competition is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

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